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William Lee Bergstrom

William Lee Bergstrom pitched up in Las Vegas in 1980 and made was was to become one of the most legendary bets in the history of gambling- certainly in that town.

He traded horses in Texas- and was obviously doing alright for himself, because he arrived at the casino to take advantage of a pledge by the casino to match any punters bet on as long as it was their first bet.

Bergstrom headed for the craps table carrying 2 suitcases and emptied one of them containing $777,000. The casino matched the bet, giving this high roller $1,554,000 to play with, which he stuck on the "don't pass line". He stated at the time that he really wanted to do a bet for a million, but couldn´t afford it.....

2 plays later, in true "hit and run "style, a favorite tactic of the High Roller including the famous Kerry Packer, he scopped a win and packed away his inflated cash pile into both suitcases. Two rolls later, he packed his money away in both suitcases and left.

From this moment on, Bergstrom was known as The Suitcase Man.

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