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Penthouse Suite MGM Grand- SkyLofts

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By invitation only to serious high rollers! Well, not strictly true these days- you´ll be able to book this suite if you pay enough.

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The Penthouse Suite in the MGM Grand has butler service, a personal chef, and a private spa. There are nineteen telephones in the suite, which is handy when you are having a champagne bath when the phone goes to inform you that the Ferrari is valet parked and your caviar is on the way up. We do have one complaint. While having a bath, we were drinking some champagne and got the stem of the glass wet. It´s difficult to reach the small fluffy towels by the side to dry your glass without getting up out of the spa tub. Just a small point we know, but it´s all about the detail.

The million dollar question. How much are the suites? Well, it depends on which one you go for. The prices vary by time of year and depending on how far in advance you book of course, so these prices are just a guide. Always try and negotiate on these!

If you go for SKY LOFTS 3, it will set you back around six grand a night. But it´s around 6,000 square foot and has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and is a loft-style apartment, with a large gallery foyer, living room, dining room, bar and den area, and a billiard room. ( This room is gratis for seriously big players which gives you an idea of how much they bet at the casino). They are open to negotiation on this price.

Sky Lofts 2 is about 3,000 square foot with 2 bedrooms and will cost you around $1,300 a night.

Sky Lofts 1 is only (!) 1,440 square- but in return for squeezing in here you´ll only pay around 800 bucks a night.
This Palace away from your Palace is on the top 2 floors of the MGM Grand. These suites are the ultimate in Luxury, designed by world reknowned architect Tony Chi. Stare out of the loor-to-ceiling windows out over the city and desert, and start ordering your Concierge around.

Here´s the bang that you get for your bucks:

Private elevator
Personal Concierge
24-hour Butler
Full Skyspa
Bang & Olufsen and Sony HDTV entertainment system
Infinity spa tub
Immersion Chamber steam shower
32" LCD TVs by every bathtub
Airport greeting
Maybach 62 Limousine hotel transport
Preferred seating at world-class restaurants:
L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon, Craftsteak, Shibuya
Preferred seating at KÀ Cirque du Soleil
Exclusive Craftsteak and Shibuya in-loft dining.

Hmmm...that lot should keep you occupied for a couple of days...