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Nick Dandolos

Nicholas Andreas Dandolos other wise known as "Nick the Greek" was born in Crete in 1883 and died Dec 25, 1966.

Throughout his lifetime, he was to become one the the most famous high roller gamblers of all time.

His love affair with betting started in Montreal where he started to bet on the horses and was famous throughout his life for winning and losing huge sums of money.

He is perhaps most famous for a head to head poker match that he played in the fifties against Johnny Moss. The game was organised by Benny Binion as a way of drawing punters into his casino and was the pre-runner to the  World Series of Poker.

This mega game went on for 5 months, at which point Dandalos was in the hole to the tune of $4 million. His famous quip to his opponent at the time was:  "Mr. Moss, I have to let you go."

It's estimated that he won and lost over $500 million over the course of his playing career and went for rags to riches and back again over seventy times. He was quite a philanthropist too - donating millions of dollars to education and charitable causes.

Certainly no wallflower.


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