OK- let´s face facts. If you are a High Roller, you are probably going to do some betting online. But at some stage, you are going to want to flash the cash and strut your stuff in Vegas. Here is our high roller guide to Vegas, and where to head for if you need some serious pampering. Of course if you are a serious High Roller, ignore the prices below. Chance are that you will be getting this as a comp, but it is interesting to see what the rest of the world is charged.

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Fantasy Towers, Palms Casino Resort
Try the Fantasy Towers, built by the The Maloof brothers, which is part of a $650m new build onto their Palms Casino Resort. For a mere $15,000 a night, you can rent out a party room that has 2 bowling lanes.

Palms Hardwood Suite
Or for $25,000 a night, book out the Palms' Hardwood Suite, which is a 10,000 square foot  pad on two floors with a basketball court, Jacuzzi that will fit 10 guests and a media room. There´s also a pool table, lounge with full bar and a dance floor just in case you met some nice people in the club downstairs. Not to mention the 42" plasma TV, and 3 massive beds. How would you cope without any of this?

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa
Or grab a slice of Playboy action and rent out the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa on the 34th floor of the Fantasy Tower. This Jacuzzi will fit 25, if the one above seems a little cramped.  There´s a pop-up plasma television and a rotating bed that is 8 feet across. If you are not a high roller and aren´t getting this for free- don´t worry. It´s yours for $40,000.

Caesar´s Palace- Artemis and Neptune Suites
Alternatively, head to Caesars Palace, and head for a private entrance just off the main floor. You´ll be whisked up by elevator to the Artemis and Neptune Villas. You couldn´t really call these plain hotel rooms- they are more like indoor luxury pads. There´s a butler of course.

MGM Grand- Skylofts
The MGM Skylofts are fast gaining an excellent reputation amongst those who place big wagers at the tables. These also come with a premium butler service. Your butler will unpack your bags so that you have more time to bet on the tables.

What about The Venetian? The best suites are pegged for high roller comps, but to join the party you´ll have to place a minimum bet of $100,000, backed by a credit of $4 million to $5 million. Go for the Presidential Suite. Remember, if you order the Risotto, it will set you back $85

Turnberry Place- Suites
If you prefer to keep a low profile in Vegas and adopt more of a "Hit and Run" strategy in Vegas like the famous late Kerry Packer (where you bet big fast and quit the table fast millions ahead in an ideal world), you´ll be wanting somewhere a little more discrete where you can formulate your strategies and ensure that the casino doesn´t ply you with lavish drinks to loosen up your gambling. There´s no casino at Turnberry Place (even High Rollers need to recharge their batteries!), but rather this isa set of 4 closely guarded, 40-story towers that contain luxury condos for rent. If you are a High Roller, you´ll be wanting the “Top Suites” of course, with private elevator access and 100% privacy.

The Bellagio Villas
The Bellagio is one of the classiest establishments on The Strip. Go for the Villa One suite which must be the most lavish suite on The Strip. Rack rate for mere mortals is $6,000 per night and you´ll have your own private tunnel to access. There´s a private gym, sauna, salon, and Italian garden with your very own chefs. Start throwing around  $100,000 bets downstairs, and chances are that you´ll wake up in the enormous bed in Villa One.

Las Vegas Hilton. Verona Suite.
The pay as you go rate for The Verona is a cool $17,500 a night. Which is probably set at this level to deter paying guests and to leave this one free for their big players. Wander around 15,000 square feet of suite in your pyjamas in the morning- no need to go to the gym as you´ll work off the pounds walking around your room! And if you like TV, you are in luck- there are no fewer than 25 televisions in the room- of course, there´s a .private pool garden to use if you are feeling a little claustophobic sitting inside.

Paris Hotel Las Vegas. Napoleon Suite
I don´t know why this is called The Napoleon Suite as it is HUGE. Located on the 31st floor of the Paris Hotel The Napoleon Suite is 4,300 square feet of hardwood floors na dlavish furnishings. There´s a grand piano if you fancy doing your Frank Sinatra impression. There is no published rate for this suite- it is reserved for The Big Boys and Girls at The Paris.

180 Degree Suite Four Seasons
No prizes for where the name comes from- the views form this suitre are simply spectacular. you´ll feel like an Emperor up here. Floor-to-ceiling windows, and beds that are famous for being the comfiest in Vegas. You might not get up for a couple of days! And of course a pool darling.

Red Rock Casino
Or if you want a place to unwind after all of that gambling, head out of town and try the Viva Las Penthouse Suite at the new Red Rock Casino Resort Hotel. For a measly $10k a night, you get stunning views of the Red Rock mountains and floor-to-ceiling windows in all the rooms. If you start to get the gambling bug again, don´t worry as there is a private casino downstairs.

Monaco Casino
OR head to Monaco and put down $11,000 a night for the Winston Churchill Suite at the Hôtel de Paris. There is a elevator, two lounges, and 24-hour butler service.

Whether you are in Las Vegas, Monaco or Macau, one thing is for sure. You have to either pay or play, and if you play you have to play big to get into these suites!