Some say the man who invented the term "High Rollers" was Benny Binion.

Benny Binion became a partner of the Las Vegas Club casino, where he unsuccessfully lobbied to free up the limits placed on bet amounts in Vegas. but he was a persistent man, and in 1951, he bought the building which had previously been Las Vegas Club and opened up The Westerner Gambling House and Saloon.

He later bought the Eldorado Club and Apache Hotel and renamed them Horseshoe casino. Customers flocked to the new casino because of his policy of high bets and his success at attracting High Rollers and high Stakes players. His craps table started at $500, which was 10 times more then the competition on The Strip. than the limit at his competitors of the time. In the end, the other casinos had to follow suite and upped their limits to keep in the game. The Horseshoe was the first club to use limos to ferry its important players to and from the casino and he invented the free drinks policy. His philosophy was simple - the best food, the best whiskey, makes the best gamblers.

Binion's No Limit tables changed the Vegas scene forever. Benny Binion invented the No Limit table, whcih accepted bets of up to $10,000 on a single throw fo the dice, spin of the wheel or deal of a hand.

He was also big in the world of poker. After years of setting up big poker games between high-stakes players, Benney Binion invited 6 high-rollers to play in a poker tourney in 1970. Johnny Moss, a spirightly 63 year old, won and World Series of Poker was hatched..

Binion's World Series promoted the game of poker and is one of the key underlying reasons for its phenomenal success today. These says the event has nearly 10,000 entrants- a far cry from the original six.