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Hugh Hefner Sky Villa

Now we are talking- if you are even contemplating the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at the Palms (part of The Fantasy Suites range), you must be either

a) seriously loaded, or
b) just on the way back from a massive win.

Get a $5000 High Roller bonus

A Super Suite sitting at the very top of the Fantasy Tower, this luxury pad is so out of this world, it will blow your mind.

If you´re not splashing around in the outdoor, cantilevered Playboy Jacuzzi pool with the glass end wall looking out onto The Strip in your birthday suit, you´ll be lounging in the living room, mixing cocktails at the sumptuous bar, checking out the media room, doing some fine dining, working out in the fully equipped gym, having a sauna or going for a spa treatment, heading up and down in the glass elevator, romping around in an eight-foot, round rotating bed (Playmates not included), splashing about in the HUGE, watching movies on the multiple pop-up plasmas, playing poker on a luxury table, heading out to the outdoor terrace OR sunbathing next to the bar outside.......Phew! Need we go on?

In fact, there´s so much to do in this pad, that you might even up saving money. You won´t have time for any high roller gambling.

This pad is 9000 square feet on 2 stories and was inspired by the Hef´s Playboy Mansion in LA. There´s a 60s retro feel with leather wallpaper (yes really) and marble floors everywhere. The huge living space and bar area spills out onto a massive terrace with a Jacuzzi and jaw dropping views.

The media room has no less than four televisions and a music complex. The glass elevator runs through the middle of the mansion (they had to cancel the fire pole idea on health and safety grounds unfortunately) which leads to the top floor which houses two bedrooms, a massage room, a sauna and a workout room.

And let´s not forget the rotating bed in the master suite. With a mirrored ceiling above of course and an 8 person jacuzzi nearby- just in case you get lucky....eight times. The suite can fit up to 250 people for VIP bashes, just in case you want to put this on the company credit card.

This penthouse suite will have you living like royalty.

How much is it? Well, it´s dificult to get in unless you are a serious high roller. But it will cost you anything up to $40,000 a night......less than this for slack periods. Always negotiate and negotiate hard and try and find a slack  week. Business is down in Vegas remember!