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$5000 Bonus. High Stakes, High Limit Casinos for VIPs and Whales.

Welcome to High Roller Casinos, the home of the online high stakes player, or gambling whale: the guide for VIPs on the Internet.

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Did you know that around 80% of the turnover in a typical online casino comes from High Roller and VIP players? How much money does it take to be a high roller in Las Vegas? Well, that depends- read on and you´ll find out the various types of High Roller that are commonly referred to by the powers that be in the desert.

Thanks to the importance of these players to the casinos, high rollers have access to promotions and perks that are far in excess of the promos enjoyed by the average player. Perks such as free private jet transfers, free limousine use and free use of the casinos best suites should come as standard if you move around in these kind of circles.

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A High Roller is a player that bets High Stakes at High Limit Tables.
So how much do you have to bet to qualify or be considered as a High Roller? Well, these individuals are normally referred to by the industry by names that refer to the amount of money they bet at a visit to the tables (or machines for that matter).

Types of High Rollers

  • A Whale is a player who stakes at least $1 million on a session. There are thought to be around 250-500 of them on the planet, and they can bet from $100,000 and up on a single hand. Their net worth is generally about $1 billion and up and they will have a credit line that can extend to between $20m and $25m.
  • A Premium Player will stake around $100,000 to $250,000 on a visit, placing bets of around $10,000 a go. These figures may fluctuate, as both whales and premium players will rein in their betting levels if they feel they are not getting the rub of the green.
  • If you buy in from $10,000 and up, you will start getting comps, for sure- you´re a Player- just don´t expect to get the penthouse suites.

It also depends on the casino and the town to some extent. Play with $10,000 In Vegas, Monaco, Macau,  or London and you won´t stand out as an especially big player, but play with $1000 in a small town casino or in a new fast growing casino town such as Cambodia and you´ll start turning heads.

If you are playing at a virtual casino online, it is difficult to match these levels- purely down to the difficulties in making these kinds of transactions on the Internet. A High Roller online will be spending slightly less: up to $5,000 a pop, but will certainly be wagering tens of thousands of dollars monthly, and could be betting with a bankroll of $100,000.

How to Play Like a High Roller
1. Flash  a huge bankroll about. There are an estimated 250-500 whales in the world and Premium Players number in their thousands- this club is a mix of American, Russian, Chinese, European and Middle-Eastern players, with a few African and Asian oil and commodity tycoons thrown in for good measure. There´s Old Money and New Money in this club, but The New Money tends to have the deeper pockets and play with less abandon. The Old Money will tend to play the long game- they´ll still be propping up the roulette wheel when the new kids on the block have long disappeared and are serving hamburgers again.

To step up to the mark with the big boys and girls, you´ll need  a credit line of between $4-5 million. $100k- $250k should see you fine if you want to work your way up as a Premium Player. If you´re a High Roller already, you´ll know about it- you can skip the next 3 points.

2. Get famous- but not in the usual fashion. High rollers are media shy- you won´t be needing a PR manager, except, perhaps, to refuse interviews. You need to become well known at the big casinos: If you start playing big- don´t worry- word will start to get out fast to the people in the know. And they are a discrete bunch, not least because they are all paranoid that the competition will come fishing for their big whales. You´ll need to be invited to play in the High Roller rooms- it´s easier to do this if the doorman has heard about you already. One you get into this club, demand to be flown around by private jet, ask for the best Las Vegas suites, only eat gourmet food and wait for the free show tickets, gifts, fine wines, butler service and personal chauffeur to arrive.

3. Of course, to warrant all of this lavish attention, you´ll need to "earn it" by gambling big-around $100,000 per bet should catapult you right up there, but you can work your way up from $10,000 a hand. The late Kerry Packer, the highest roller the planet has ever seen used to throw down bets of up to $375,000 while playing seven simultaneous blackjack hands. Of course, it goes without saying that you should never attempt this if you can´t afford to lose this kind of money and still get on the plane at Las Vegas International smiling. It´s better to swim with the tiddlers and watch the big game from a distance.

4. Head for the baccarat table- the high roller choice. High Stakes games will probably be no-limit so that you don´t cramp your style or limit you winnings (or losses). High Rollers also like blackjack. Both of these card games have a relatively low edge (compared to say roulette), so they are perfect games with which to employ a "Hit and Run" strategy- bet big, win big fast and get out of there quickly before the casino has time to turn over your money too many times, claw back its losses and then eat away at your pile. There are some famous roulette high rollers as well, of course. Although this game has a less favorable house edge, you can´t beat it for drama- especially if you lay it all on the black on an all or nothing. The same goes for craps- not a great house edge, but it has all the drama. And don´t discount slots- there are some big slot machine players out there who are probably not in the super high roller league, but who are certainly premium players. Head to Macau and you´ll see some pretty big action going on around the Sic Bo table, but all the serious money will probably be in the private baccarat rooms as well.

VIP High Stakes Players have access to tables with astronomical table limits. High Rollers provide a significant portion of the revenues in the Casino Industry but there are significant costs that go along with attracting these VIP players: if a casino decides to accept their bets and the High Roller wins, it can cause major financial problems for the casino.

On the other hand, if the casino's "gamble" pays off and the high roller loses at the tables, the casino can post above target revenue gains for the year. The same goes for online high rollers. If a site attracts a big player online, it can make or break their numbers for the month.

Famous high rollers include Bruce Willis and Kerry Packer: an elite, and growing group of high net worth individuals. The worldwide competition for the top high rollers is fierce: in Las Vegas, luxury temples are rising up out of the desert floor to attract wealthy players. Mirage Resorts allegedly spent $150 million on art, including works by Renoir, Monet, Cezanne, Van Gogh and Picasso.

The places most frequented by whales and premium players in Las Vegas are the Bellagio, Venetian, Mirage, the MGM Grand, Caesars Palace and the Las Vegas Hilton. Whales are not seen in Atlantic City as much, but if you do see one there it is likely to be at the Taj Mahal and Caesars.

Other well-known high rollers include members of Malaysia's Quek family and the Sultan of Brunei who at one time placed $250,000 chips all over a roulette table on each spin in a Las Vegas casino. Roger King, the chairman of King World Productions, is another famous whale along with Charles Barkley, Dennis Rodman and Larry Flynt.

Although low in absolute number terms, whales make up a big part of a casino's revenues, since many of them stake as much as $1 billion annually.

At High Roller Casinos, we feature the best suites in Las Vegas for High Stakes players, reviews of top online casinos that offer high limit slot and table games and we run through a list of famous high roller players that have graced the casinos in the past and in the here and now. We hope you enjoy the site.